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Mrs. Barbara Daniels

Christopher Newport College, BA Elementary Education
Old Dominion University, MS Elementary Education

Overview of the 2nd Grade Program

Students entering second grade have shown mastery of the basic fundamentals of reading, writing, and math.  During 2nd grade students strengthen these foundational skills and broaden their horizons. They delve deeper in all areas of the curriculum and discover and expand areas of interest. St. Andrew’s 2nd grade students enjoy a final year with the Superkids reading series that began in Kindergarten.  Students readily identify with the Superkids story characters while learning decoding skills, reading with fluency, comprehension, and text analysis.  This research based reading program facilitates student growth in reading, writing, speaking and listening in all content areas. Spelling and grammar are emphasized in the Superkids series.  Students are expected to use correct spelling of known words and grammar in their writing as these skills are introduced and mastered.  Students delight in the rite of passage of learning to read and write in cursive. 

The second grade math curriculum builds on skills introduced in first grade.  Concepts include problem solving, mastery of basic addition and subtraction facts, 2 and 3-digit addition and subtraction with renaming, money, time, fractions, geometry and measurement, and an introduction to multiplication and division. 

The social studies program focuses on exploring diverse communities, developing an understanding of our individual responsibilities as citizens and learning about the past in order to develop awareness and appreciation of the interdependent world in which we live and work. 

Students are introduced to an array of topics in science with a focus on the scientific process and problem solving.  Students will learn about living things and our responsibility to protect and conserve our natural resources.  Hands-on experiments, projects and research make up a large portion of the science curriculum. 

Students in 2nd grade become more independent learners and are provided with the tools needed to be successful students and citizens.  Our extensive resource programs complement and enhance each child’s daily experience and classroom instruction. 

In all aspects of their day, students are encouraged to strive to excel to the best of their ability, exhibit a positive role model for others, appreciate individuality, accept others with loving care and concern and take responsibility for themselves and one another.

Because we are small by intent we are able to offer individualized instruction and support students of all ability levels.  As academic expectations and challenges increase in core curriculum areas in second grade, St. Andrew’s continues to support each child in a nurturing and warm environment, surrounded by the entire St. Andrew’s family.  This caring network is not only comprised of classmates, fellow St. Andrew’s students, teachers, staff, parents, and alumni, but by the entire St. Andrew’s congregation and extended community.    Each child is challenged, encouraged and strengthened by immersion in a safe, inclusive learning environment.  In this blended learning community, all children achieve greater success, are able to experience leadership roles, and have the freedom and safety our unique school culture provides.  These experiences, and the support system built into our mission to educate the whole child, are reflected in good sportsmanship, exemplary conduct, nurturing spirituality, leadership growth and academic success, while at St. Andrew’s and in all future endeavors.   

Praise for the 2nd Grade Program

“I feel so thankful to be part of the St. Andrews family.  The teachers and staff provide an academically strong AND nurturing environment, and thanks to them we have seen tremendous growth in our son in all areas.” – Michelle O.

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