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Science Resource Lab

Anna Slade

Clemson University, BA Biological Sciences & BA Science Teaching

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School has recently added a new Science Resource Lab to our programming. Each student PreK3-5th Grade experiences experiential learning in our newly constructed Science Laboratory. This laboratory has been created with the elementary school aged child in mind. PreK3-5th Grade students attend lab each week as part of their resource programming. Experiential learning takes place each week as an extension of the Science curriculum that is taught in the classroom. The science teacher collaborates with classroom teachers to give students the opportunity to fully expand their science knowledge through laboratory time each week.

Mrs. Anna Slade will be joining us in the Science Lab. Anna is a Clemson graduate with a B.A. in Biological Science and a B.A. in Science Teaching. She has experience teaching elementary, middle and high school grades, and is a certified Essential Elements Professional Development Instructor for the Chemical Educational Foundation. Anna recently moved to the area with her husband and two children, and is excited about teaching at St. Andrew’s.

Class Snapshot

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