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School Closings

kids playing in snow In case of inclement weather, St. Andrew’s School will make a decision regarding school closure as soon as possible and use the following means to inform you:

School Reach is our notification system. Notifications are sent via, text, email and phone call.

A message will be recorded on the school telephone answering machine (596-6261) to inform you of any school closing or late opening situations. The message will also be posted on the school web site: Please be aware that if electricity is not operational at school, the answering machine will not be available.

Television stations WTKR (Channel 3) and WAVY (Channel 10) will be notified. The television stations will include the school closing information on their websites, as well as on their broadcasts.

If it becomes necessary to close during the school day, telephone trees will be put into operation and the radio and television stations listed above will be notified. If snow or bad weather seems likely, we would appreciate your cooperation in staying informed and making arrangements to get your children home or picked up as promptly as possible once an announcement of closure is made.