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Sarah Moore

Hollins University, 2004, Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies/ Minor in Economics
Old Dominion University, Elementary Education, PreK-6 License

Anna Zoumplis

Teacher Assistant
Master’s Degree in Musicology
University of Warsaw, Poland

Overview of the Pre-K-4 Program

PreK-4 is a year of growth and exploration! From the first day of school, students learn about responsibility and how their actions may affect others. As students prepare for Kindergarten, they are learning to participate in routines, demonstrate the ability to make decisions, and plan ahead.  Students are prepared for the next stage of their education all the while giving them a place to feel comfortable and safe to explore their interests. As a PreK-4 student, they will make connections between what they know and what they are learning.

Like PreK-3, the PreK-4 curriculum is incorporated into weekly themes that range from learning about the five senses, to plants, to nocturnal animals, to community helpers, to apples. These fun and exciting themes allow students to learn through hands on experiences and activities. Students in PreK-4 learn by doing. For example, in our five senses theme, students put their senses to work through blindfolded taste, touch and smell tests. Students continue to practice fine motor and gross motor skills through assembling puzzles, manipulating play-dough, painting, writing and stacking blocks. PreK-4 students participate in daily resource classes as well. These resource classes include art, computer, library, Mandarin Chinese, music and science.

Praise for the Pre-K-4 Program

“As a parent of a PreK 4 student at St. Andrewʼs, I can truly attest to the nurturing environment the school provides. My son Aaron enjoys going to school each day and comes home just as happy. This is a testament of not only his teachers Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Streker, who are jewels, but to the school as a whole. We are so happy to be here, and look forward to more of what St. Andrewʼs has to offer.”  – S.Winfield

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