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Physical Education and Health

Diane Wallace

Christopher Newport University
Old Dominion University

Overview of the Physical Education and Health Program

You’re not fully EDUCATED until you’re PHYSICALLY EDUCATED!

That’s what we believe at St. Andrew’s as we teach the WHOLE child.  Physical Education class is an integral part of the students’ curriculum.

Our Physical Education program teaches sports such as golf, soccer, basketball, volleyball, kickball, rope jumping, tennis that are developmentally appropriate for each child.  However, we also throw in a bunch of creative, team building, and many opportunities for expressive play.  Sometimes just changing the equipment can add a new element to an activity that will engage a more apprehensive player.  For example, using a rubber fish instead of a playground ball when learning the dynamics of throwing with opposition.

The Health Programs are interactive and often involve physical activity.  Learning about communicable diseases is taught by playing a game called Pathogen Attack.  The students are blood cells traveling through the body.  The bad guys, Pathogens, are introduced but are combated by the cape-wearing super heroes, White Blood Cells!  We are moving while we are learning.

PLAY is a four-letter VERB – We emphasize having fun while we encourage all students to do their best each day.  Our motto is “If you’ve had fun, you won!”  There are occasions when we do activities where there will be a loser and a winner.  During these activities we support a small celebration and being proud of our accomplishments without bragging.  Saying “thank you” to our opponents and congratulating everyone on a job well done is modeled.

Praise for the Physical Education And Health Program

I love PE because every day is different and fun! I learned about germs and deodorant and I love jumping rope. Mrs. Wallace is NOT bland.” – Annie 5th grade – Yorktown, VA

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