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Donna Wildemann

Wellesley College, BA History
SUNY_New Paltz, NY Teaching Certification


Debbie Cotrupi

Teacher Assistant
Old Dominion University
Bachelor of Science Elementary Education

Overview of the Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is a foundational year in a child’s education. New worlds and possibilities are opened as students learn to read, write and begin to understand mathematic concepts. Through a combination of phonics and whole language, students gain the ability to decode, enjoy and employ language.

The ability to identify and create patterns aids students in every field of study. Kindergarten students learn patterns, geometric reasoning, measuring, money, probability, counting and addition, and subtraction. Extensive use of manipulatives helps students understand and extend these concepts. Science and social studies topics focus on connecting children to the world around them with the use of many modalities. There is also focus on fine and gross motor skills with time for structured and unstructured play.

Social growth is a vital aspect of our class. We learn to problem solve, work together and be part of a group while being unique individuals who each bring their own strengths to the class. Discovering the joy of learning and the satisfaction of accomplishing challenges prepares students for future endeavors. The curriculum is enriched by resource classes in art, P.E., computer, Mandarin Chinese, music, library and science.

Praise for the Kindergarten Program

There are no words to describe how happy I have been with my son’s experience in kindergarten at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School! Mrs. Wildemann and Mrs. Cotrupi are both extremely dedicated teachers who provide a loving and nurturing environment for their students. Each child’s unique talents are recognized and celebrated daily. The children are kind and work to encourage each other with their individual achievements. The developmentally-appropriate curriculum allows children to learn and grow exponentially and develop a better sense of their own competence, all while still having fun. Partnership and communication between the teachers and the parents are highly emphasized and creates an atmosphere in which learning in the classroom can be easily reinforced at home with positive results. I am amazed at how much my son has learned and developed this past year. As a parent, I was a bit nervous about the transition from preschool to formal education, but my anxieties were quickly alleviated when I saw how excited my son was about learning. Kindergarten sets the tone and direction of a child’s school career. St. Andrew’s is the ideal place to foster a child’s love of learning and establish a positive view of school. – Melissa Anthony-Bills

Class Snapshot

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