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Outlaw_Mrs_00017Head notes from Janna Outlaw

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is well into its 71st year of educating the mind, body, and spirit. It has been my privilege to wear several different hats during my tenure here at St. Andrew’s. Who knew thirteen years ago when I began searching for an elementary school for my own children, that it would eventually lead to my current position as Head of School? The opportunities given have allowed for a more global view of this wonderful school.

It seems like yesterday that my husband and I toured St. Andrew’s for the purpose of enrolling our own children here. All parents want the BEST education for their children, especially during the foundation years. St. Andrew’s impressed me in such a way that I not only wanted my own children educated here, but I wanted to be a part of the faculty. Once our eldest was accepted into the program, I inquired about possible employment.

I became a part of the faculty the same year my daughter entered kindergarten.  After becoming a part of the faculty it did not take me long to realize that St. Andrew’s does what it says it does every day. As an educator, I always worried that an Open House day would mean teachers teaching at the top of their game. That is why I visited on a non-Open House day! Becoming a faculty member brought to life for me that we are excellent each day, and anyone can visit any day of the year and it will be just as impressive as an Open House day.

While teaching at St. Andrew’s for seven years I had another realization. The realization of our focus only on the foundational years is why we create the best elementary graduates.  Our track record speaks for itself! Our graduates perform extremely well in any program parents choose for their St. Andrew’s graduates. I speak as a parent of two graduates who have performed well in both the public and independent school sectors after St. Andrew’s.

The foundation years of a child’s education are the most important, the formation of who they will one day become, carrying not only the rigor of our academic program, but the spiritual and moral value that is vital in a child’s education as well.

I look forward to sharing your child’s education while creating a strong foundation where the focus remains the elementary aged child.


Janna M. Outlaw, M.Ed.
Head of School