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Patricia Michel

General Education Bachelors – Chains College, France
University of Maryland Germany Division

Overview of the French Program

The French program is offered to students in grade 2-3-5 to stress the importance of secondary language at an early age. French class provides students a chance to learn an alternate culture and respect different ways of life. It is our hope to instill in our students the desire to travel abroad and use their knowledge of language to broaden their horizons and enrich multicultural experiences.
In each grade,  we study basic vocabulary such as numbers, days of the week, months and seasons.
As students progress, the focus shifts to building sentences and the study and proper use of verbs.  Conversational French is practiced at the end of each lesson in order to apply lesson words and their proper usage.
To reinforce each lesson, worksheets, games, books, movies, and projects may be utilized. As a special note, French holidays are identified and celebrated as part of the students’ cultural immersion.

French club for 5th graders is held once a month to provide additional concentration on the study of the French language and culture.

Praise for the French Program

“My daughter loved the French program at SAES. Learning the language, culture, and having the opportunity to communicate with actual students from France was very valuable in developing her language skills.” – Geraldine Bugno

Class Snapshot

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