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Overview of the 4th Grade Program

In fourth grade, students are encouraged to become more self-reliant and responsible. Organizational and study skills are emphasized to succeed in upper elementary grades.

Values are taught on many levels, including daily chapel and reading literature. Students read a variety of literature genres and strengthen writing skills. Research skills are utilized to complete various projects. Math concepts presented continue the skills introduced in earlier grades with emphasis on problem solving as well as computational skills.  Virginia History is taught in fourth grade. Field trips utilizing the resources in our area supplement Virginia History. Science provides further learning and discovery of the world around us with hands on learning weekly in the Science Lab.  Curriculum coordinated field trips are planned.

Leadership skills are continued as students begin training for fifth grade leadership roles during the last marking period, such as patrols, chapel helpers, pre K and Kindergarten assistants, and announcements.

Praise for the Fourth Grade Program

“One of my favorite things about St. Andrew’s is watching our students become leaders!  As a parent, you’re able to watch them grow as they progressively take more responsibility for their work and their success.  By the time they are in 4th grade, they have the confidence and skills to be leaders to their peers and to the younger students.  I loved watching my son’s 4th grade class thoughtfully and compassionately handle hard social issues, actively care for each other, work productively and independently on group projects, and ultimately take formal leadership roles in the school.  It was so fitting when that class chose “Leadership” as their watch word!  Those skills are life-long and irreplaceable!” -L. Chandler

Class Snapshot