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Computer Resources

Grace Wildemann

James Madison University
BA in Theatre & Dance, minor in Political Science

Overview of the Technology Program

Technology  has become vital in all aspects of life in the 21st century. The mission of SAES Technology Program is to create an educational environment in every classroom that is strengthened and supported by technology. The objective is to develop student technology literacy skills while at the same time integrate computers into the PreK-fifth classroom curriculum. These objectives are not mutually exclusive. Our philosophy is to view technology as educational tools to be used creatively, responsibly and collaboratively for teaching and learning in order to solve problems and to access, analyze, present and communicate information. The students will acquire lifelong knowledge and skills for the 21st century.


  • National Geographic
    Check out the Kids Magazine. Enjoy such educational games as “Go West with Lewis and Clark,” “The Underground Railroad,” or “Secrets of the Maya Glyphs.” Enjoy Activities and Experiments, Creature Features, or the Cartoon Factory.
  • Enchanted Learning
    Enchanted Learning is a treasury of sites and activities that run the gamut from
  • Anatomy to Zoom Dinosaurs
    This outstanding site to help children read is perfect for K-2 students. It contains exciting interactive books and phonics games.
  • Discovery Education Digital Safety
    Help your student know how to stay safe and protected while online.

Classroom Snapshot

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