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Mrs. Wallace’s Gym Shorts

The mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School’s Physical Education and Health classes is to instill a lifelong love of a healthy lifestyle in each student.  Some of the sports units covered in the physical education portion of our program include golf, soccer, tumbling, volleyball, basketball, rope jumping, kickball and tennis.  Interspersed through the sports units [...]

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Extended Day at St. Andrew’s

The Extended Day Program is a service provided by St. Andrew’s Episcopal School to provide after school care for our students.  We aim to welcome your child into a fun environment where the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed but still provides structure and organization.  Participants will have homework help, organized games, arts and crafts, [...]

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St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is Spelling for Success!

In today’s world, technology has made many skills seem obsolete.  Our computers, tablets and smartphones have the capabilities to remind us of appointments, save phone numbers and address and intuitively correct spelling in documents.  Many people think that because of technology, learning proper spelling is no longer a necessary skill.  However, learning proper spelling is [...]

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St. Andrew’s and Your Child are a Perfect Fit!

By:  Kristi Elliott, Director of Admissions From my very first encounter with St. Andrew’s Episcopal School to this very day, I have been drawn to this place. The first time I parked outside of the building, I felt it in the wind and in the trees. I know what you are thinking, “How odd!”  I [...]

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Homework – A Healthy Habit!

By Barbara Daniels, 2nd Grade Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School believes strongly in the value of teaching good habits to students early.  We believe that instilling good study habits now will lead to success for our students later in life. We begin to teach our children habits that will lead to a healthy lifestyle from birth. [...]

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Ms. Janna Outlaw has Earned a Master’s of Arts Degree

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School is proud to announce that our head of school, Janna Outlaw, has completed a Master’s of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from George Washington University. This highly prestigious graduate program has received national recognition and has been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and [...]

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Small by Intent

Being a small school is one thing, but being a small school by INTENT is another. The advantages are abundant! St. Andrew’s has one focus, filled with opportunities and life lessons. The most frequent question from our families is, “Why don’t we expand to middle and high school?” We pride ourselves on educating the elementary [...]

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Curriculum Overhaul

Phew! The school year is complete, and so is our curriculum overhaul! St. Andrew’s teachers are AMAZING, and here’s why: Each year, St. Andrew’s faculty participates in our annual curriculum review process. A teacher-led curriculum committee leads the process. In the past, during the curriculum review process, the curriculum committee has received feedback from the [...]

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Q&A with Ryan Nunley

Get to know our Extended Day Program Director, Ryan Nunley. What is your favorite part about your job? My favorite part about my job is being able to spend the day with the kids; interacting with them and watching them learn. What would you like the SAES community to know about you? Working with children [...]

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