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Art In A Suitcase

art programs for kidsThe Art in a Suitcase program is a long-standing tradition at St. Andrew’s. The program strives to bring significant artists and their defining work alive in the classroom and encourages students to see the artist in themselves. The lessons use children’s literature, guided discussion, graphic visual aids of artist’s work, and hands-on activities to achieve this goal. The lessons provide parents volunteers with a simple, structured opportunity to become involved in the classroom in a very meaningful way.

Program objectives:

  • Students will become familiar with the artist’s background, style and important works through the use of artist related children’s literature.
  • Students will identify and articulate defining style characteristics of the artist’s work through observation of famous works and classroom discussion.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of the artist’s style by creating their own art work displaying this style.


For questions or comments on the Art in a Suitcase Program, please contact Corey Lastinger: