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St. Andrew’s Episcopal School supports the belief that the arts are vital to the emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic development of all students. Students in each grade create self portraits.

PEiconPhysical Education & Health

“You’re not fully EDUCATED until you’re PHYSICALLY EDUCATED!” That’s what we believe at St. Andrew’s as we teach the WHOLE child. Physical Education class is an integral part of the students’ curriculum.



At St. Andrew’s, students from Pre-Kindergarten to fifth grade take part in music class and learn all asepcts of music. Mrs. Linda Madler teaches Pre-K through 2nd grade and Mr. Brad Norris teaches 3rd through 5th grade. Parents enjoy musical performances throughout the year.


The library at St. Andrew’s serves as an extension of our classrooms. Our library program assists students in learning that books and other materials are for both pleasure and information. Each class has a scheduled library time of 30 minutes per week. Students may also visit the library at additional times by arrangement with their teachers.


The French program is offered to students in grades 2-5. At St. Andrew’s we believe in the importance of learning a second language. Being bilingual has been shown to increase problem solving ability, standardized test scores and organization skills.

mcMandarin Chinese

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world. We offer this course at a young age, because younger brains are much better at learning languages. In addition, having a second language allows for the acquisition of additional languages much more easily – math, science and music are all languages. Being bilingual has been shown to increase problem solving ability, standardized test scores and organization skills.

compComputer Lab Resource

Technology use in the 21st century has become vital in all aspects of life. The mission of SAES Technology Program is to create an educational environment in every classroom that is strengthened and supported by technology. The objective is to develop student technology literacy skills while at the same time integrate computers into the PreK-fifth classroom curriculum.



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