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Physical Education and Health


Ms. Diane Wallace

“You’re not fully EDUCATED until you’re PHYSICALLY EDUCATED!”

That’s what we believe at St. Andrew’s as we teach the WHOLE child. Physical
Education class is an integral part of the students’ curriculum.


As the cold weather approaches we will focus more on indoor sports and health.
Tumbling will be introduced to Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade. Elements of
volleyball will be introduced to 2nd through 5th grade. Mixed into all of this fun, I will
add dental hygiene and the food pyramid!

Ms. Wallace’s Gym Shorts:

We do not emphasize winning. We encourage all students to do their best each day.
Our motto is “If you had fun, you won!” However, if we do activities where there
will be a loser and a winner, we encourage a small celebration, being proud of your
selves without bragging and saying thanks and good job to the opponent.

PLAY is a four-letter VERB (PE News):

Since Pre-K through 1st grade will be tumbling until Christmas Break, please be sure
that little girls are wearing shorts or bike shorts beneath their jumpers and skirts.

On November 12-14, I attended the Virginia Association of Health, Physical
Education, Recreation and Dance conference in Virginia Beach and have learned
many new games and curriculum integration techniques.


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