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Mrs. Crooks

Battle of the Books Information


The Library serves as an extension of our classrooms. Our library program assists students in learning that books and other materials are for both pleasure and information. Each class has a scheduled library time of 30 minutes per week. Students may also visit the library at additional times by arrangement with their teachers.

In PreK through 2nd grade, learning about the library and its resources are emphasized. In the upper grades (3-5) students develop skills needed to retrieve information from books or other materials, in addition to building upon what they have already learned about the library.

Various activities are planned throughout the year, including a Scholastic Book Fair in the Fall, a wintertime Barnes and Noble book fair, and a used book fair at the beginning of the calendar year.

Overview of the Library Program


Pre-K & Kindergarten  Students select books with assistance and listen to and discuss various books during story time. Students learn to take care of books chosen and get to take books home each week.

First Grade: Students select books with assistance and listen quietly during story time. They also learn to identify the author and title of books.

Second Grade: Students can select books with assistance or on their own. They also listen quietly to stories and learn to identify author, title, illustrator, main character, and publisher.

Third Grade: Students make book choices based on reading level and learn to identify parts of a book, fiction and non-fiction, and begin online research with assistance.

Fourth Grade: Students make book choices based on reading level, identify various parts of a book, use the online catalog, and search for information online.

Fifth Grade: Students make book choices based on reading level, identify various portions of books, understand differences between fiction and non-fiction, can identify various sections of the library (i.e. fairy tales, poetry, biographies, etc), and demonstrate proper use of online search tools.

Summer Reading List

Please click on the link below to find the summer reading list for all grades for the 2016-2017 school year.

Summer reading lists 2016-2017



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