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St. Andrew’s Episcopal School operates under the authority of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. An elected Board of Trustees is charged with the operation of the school. The Board of Trustees serves as a policy-making board under the authority of St. Andrew’s Church Vestry and is responsible for the fiscal health and financial sustainability of the school.

Vision Statement

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, as a continuing mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, will be known for its rigorous, traditional, elementary curriculum, supported by dedicated faculty and staff in a nurturing, Christian-based environment. Our curriculum, incorporating 21st Century skills, will be challenging, engaging and developmentally appropriate to ensure that each child strives to reach his/her full potential. Continuing education for the faculty and staff will ensure the highest level of academics. We will remain committed to promoting diversity amongst our students and staff and fostering mutual respect for the uniqueness of each individual. Our students will continue to be recognized for their exceptional academic achievement, strong character, emerging leadership skills and service to the greater community.

Board of Trustees 2017-2018:

Melvin Ferebee, Chair*

Mary Catherine Bunde+

Dr. David Chang*

Michael Coleman

Lindsay Creekmur, Pres., Parents’ Association*

Hon. Rodham T. Delk, Jr.*+

Isabel Duncan Hatchett

Margie Holt*+

Darden Hurt

Kevin Hutchens*

Mary Neale

George Orphanidys, Jr.*

Sandra Parks*

Hilary Spencer*

Shawn Winfield

Janna Outlaw, Head, ex officio*

* alumni family

+ former faculty/staff family


Dr. David Chang
Oncologist, Virginia Oncology Associates, Associate Professor, EVMS

Mary Catherine Bunde

Hon. Rodham T. Delk, Jr.
Retired Judge, Fifth Judicial Circuit

Michael Coleman

Mrs. Isabel Duncan Hatchett (Mrs. Philip L. Hatchett)

Mrs. Margie Holt (Mrs. John Holt)
Retired School Counselor, Newport News Public Schools

Mr. Darden Hurt

Mr. George Orphanidys
President, George’s Realty, Newport News

Mrs. Hilary Spencer

Ms. Mary Neale
Vestry Representative

Mrs. Lindsay Creekmur (Mrs. Adam Creekmur)
Parents’ Association Representative



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