For over sixty five years, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School has been a leader in elementary education on the Peninsula. We welcome children of all faiths to grow in mind, body, and spirit and strive to be an inclusive school community celebrating the diversity that each student brings. From our Pre-kindergarten classes through fifth grade, St. Andrew’s students are challenged by a rigorous academic program that includes the core academic subjects as well as music, art, French, Chinese, computer, physical education, science and library. Our daily chapel services nurture the spiritual development of each child. With passion and joy, our faculty and staff encourage each child to be his or her very best. We invite you to visit our school.





Meet our Head of School

It has been my privilege to wear several different hats during my tenure here at St. Andrew’s. Who knew eight years ago when I began searching for an elementary school for my own children, that it would eventually lead to my current position as Head of School? The opportunities given have allowed for a more global view of this wonderful school.

It seems like yesterday that my husband and I toured St. Andrew’s for the purpose of enrolling our own children here.  All parents want the BEST education for their children, especially during the foundation years. St. Andrew’s impressed me in such a way that I not only wanted my own children educated here, but I wanted to be a part of the faculty. Once our eldest was accepted into the program, I inquired about possible employment.

I became a part of the faculty the same year my daughter entered kindergarten. After becoming a part of the faculty it did not take me long to realize that St. Andrew’s does what it says it does every day.

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Our students, parents & alumni speak…

“All of the teachers really like me and they always help me to learn…even the really hard stuff.”
Jack, 1st Grade
“I like SAES because they always give you a warm welcome when you come in. I also like SAES because when you get out of your car they always say “Have a nice day”
Scott, 4th Grade
“What I most like about St. Andrew’s – “It’s awesome! Everyone here is kind.”
Charlotte, 2nd Grade
“As an alumnus, I feel that SAES provided me the ideal foundation to begin my education and, perhaps even more importantly, instilled in me the human traits of honesty and integrity.”
“St. Andrews Episcopal School instilled in me the values of compassion and awareness from a young age. These values have affected my decisions in academic and professional settings thus far.”
“I wish every child could be fortunate enough to have the St. Andrew’s experience. I love that each child is known and celebrated for their strengths and unique qualities. I love that their day starts with chapel where their spirit is nutured….I love that their character is built while their mind challenged. I love that the parents are encouraged and welcomed to be a part of this wonderful place! There is no question that St. Andrew’s is the place I want my children to grow and learn.”
Our favorite thing about St. Andrew’s is the commitment of the teachers and staff to meet each child’s individual needs in helping them reach their potential.Our children are known by name and feel loved in the school. Our youngest child was literally born into the St. Andrew’s family when our older child was in kindergarten. St. Andrew’s is not where they just spend a few hours each day-it is their home away from home.”
“St. Andrews did a wealth for my education. I am now an engineer and I distinctly remember gaining a solid math and science background from SAES. I picked up my passion for science early, and that can be directly attributed to my time at… Saint Andrews Episcopal. I believe elementary education must provide a solid foundation for future academics. Saint Andrews gave me that foundation.”
“St. Andrew’s has been a big part of my entire life ~ I have been a church member since birth, I was a student from K – 5th grade, and now I am a church member, parent, and employee. I have two children who have graduated from St. Andrew’s and one who is currently enrolled. In addition to my solid education, St. Andrew’s helped to instill in me a strong moral compass through daily chapel services and interaction with the nurturing teachers. The environment was, and still is, one of caring and love. Some of my lifelong friends were made at St. Andrew’s and I know that my lifelong love of learning was encouraged there as well. As an employee at the school, I am proud to work with the dedicated teachers and staff. I know that each child is celebrated for their uniqueness, challenged to their abilities, and loved from the minute they walk in the door. It was that kind of school when I was there, and it always will be.”
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